Offers & Scholarships

Secondary School Offers 2017-2018

We are all so proud of the Year 6 girls of all their hard work and efforts that have gone into the secondary transfer process and the maturity they have shown during this period. Thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard to ensure every child was prepared for each exam and interview that took place.

With over 30 offers being received and 7 scholarships the girls have had their pick of schools to choose from as well as offers from their first choice schools.

School Acceptance Scholarships
Channing School 2
Enfield County 3
Haberdasher’s Aske’s School for Girls 1
Highgate School 1
Highlands School 2
Loreto College 1
Lucton School, Herefordshire 1 1 Academic
Mount House 7 2 Academic
1 Dance
1 Art
Palmers Green High School 6 2 Academic
Queen Elizabeth School for Girls 1
South Hampstead High School 1
St Alban’s High School 3
St Edmund’s College 1
St John’s Senior School 2

Secondary School Offers 2016-2017

The year 6 girls have been eagerly awaiting results from secondary schools. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication the girls have displayed during this period. These are the offers that have been awarded; 11 girls have been offered over 25 places!

Year 6 Leaver Destinations

School Acceptance Scholarships
Forest School 1
Henrietta Barnett
Highlands 1
Palmers Green High 2 1 Academic
Princess Helena College 1
St Albans High School for Girls 1
St Edmund's College 1
St Martha's Senior School 3 1 Sports

Year 6 Secondary Offers

School Acceptance Scholarships
Aldenham 1
Channing 1
Enfield County 2
Forest School 1
Haileybury 1
Henrietta Barnett 1
Highlands 2
Palmers Green High 6 1 Academic
Princess Helena College 1
Queenswood 2
St Albans High School for Girls 2
St Edmund's College 1
St John's Senior School 1
St Martha's Senior School 5 1 Sports

Secondary School Offers 2015-2016

This year’s results highlight our pupils’ success with scholarships.

Over the last three years 30% of children transferring to Independent Senior Schools have been offered scholarships in academic, sport, drama, art or dance.

School Offers Accepted Scholarships
City of London School for Girls 1 1
Dame Alice Owen's 2 2
Haberdasher's Aske's School for Girls 1 0
Haileybury & Imperial Service College 1 1
Highlands School 2 2
Queen Elizabeth's School for Girls 1 1
Queenswood School 1 1
St Alban's School 1 0 Academic
St Edmund's College 1 1
St Martha's Catholic Girls' School 6 5 Art
Sport x 2
Susie Earnshaw Theatre School 1 0

Number of Year 6 pupils 14